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Garage and Yard Sales: Does Your Insurance Cover Them

April 25, 2018
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As temperatures rise, you can clean out those closets and garage, and de-clutter your house. Instead of tossing away the unwanted items, you can earn a little extra cash with a yard sale. It just takes a little extra time and effort.

You should price your items reasonably so they sell quickly. Advertising in a local newspaper or online site is a good way to booster attendance. You can use signs to direct people to the correct address. Get ready to barter, some will like to bargain down for the best price.

You can expect a lot of people you don’t know to walk on to your property, If someone gets hurt during the yard sale, you could be liable. You could also be liable if an item you sell is considered unsafe or hazardous.

Because individual homeowners policy are different, you should check with your insurance company agent on what your policy covers while you host a yard sale. Some may consider a yard sale a business activity and limit coverage. It is best to be properly covered in the event of a visitor injuring him/herself, especially if you frequently hold yard sales in a year.

By using these tips, your yard sale should be successful and worry-free. Remember your trash may indeed be another man’s treasure.