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Burglaries and Reducing Your Homeowners Risk

June 21, 2018
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how to reduce homeowners risk from burglary

Did you know that the two most likely time to be burglarized are over the summer months and in December? In summer most of us are away on vacation for at least part of the time, and the same is true in December, although our absences are perhaps not so long. For the burglar, however, the added attractions of December are that many houses have new gifts neatly piled in one spot and it’s far easier to identify an empty house in the winter.

To avoid becoming one of the statistics this season:

Dispose of the packaging carefully—nothing tells a burglar that there’s a brand new flat- screen TV in your home than its discarded box left out for the waste collectors.

Keep your yard regularly mowed and trimmed during the summer while you are away.

If you’re going away, ask a neighbor to come over and shovel your walkways if there’s a storm. You may have someone taking care of the bigger plowing job, but if there are no pathways shoveled to your doors, it’s a giveaway that no one’s home.

You can also ask the neighbor to get your mail, turn lights on and off, and even move your car from time to time if you left it in the driveway.

If you don’t have a friendly neighbor it would be worth paying someone to come shovel the walkways, and you can buy some timer switches for a few of your lights.

If you do exchange presents at your home, don’t leave them on display in the front window beneath the Christmas tree.

And, of course, if you are leaving on vacation, don’t post your plans on social media!

Finally, check your insurance policies: Are you up-to-date with your premiums? Should you get some additional valuable-item coverage for any new purchases? Is your coverage sufficient for an extended absence? To learn more about your coverage and other options, call us today at 781.396.4985.