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Trampolines—Great For Fun And Exercise But Not So Great for Insurance

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Your child has been to a public trampoline park and is begging you for a trampoline of their own. You have the space and can afford the cost of purchase, but do you know that fewer and fewer insurance companies offer coverage for trampolines?

A trampoline seems like such a great thing to own if you have kids. It encourages children to be outside and to exercise. But they are not loved by insurance companies.

Many insurers will simply have nothing to do with a trampoline and, if they discover that you own one, they will cancel your entire policy. Some insurers will allow you to have a trampoline but will not cover any claim associated with it.

If you are fortunate enough to find an insurer that will cover you they will likely stipulate that you have a safety net and may require you to enforce rules such as only one person bouncing at a time.

With insurance coverage you will likely be insured for liability if a visitor is injured while using the trampoline but not if the injured party is a member of your own family—for that you will have to rely on your health insurance.

Whatever the requirements imposed by your insurer, owning a trampoline should be carefully considered. And if you do decide to go ahead, make sure that you and your family use it with respect: always with a safety net, always following the house rules, and always with adult supervision.