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Home Wedding This Summer? Check Your Homeowners Insurance

home wedding insurance Medford Mass

When you’re planning your own wedding in your own backyard there is MUCH to think about. And possibly the most important question is “Am I insured for this?”

Even the simplest wedding is expensive and even if you are the most organized planner, there are some things that are, simply, out of your control: the weather, the caterers, the actions of your guests. Of course, nothing will make up for a spoiled day, but you can at least avoid adding financial heartache to an already bad situation.

What kind of insurance is appropriate?

Home Insurance and Liability
Check your policy. Many of the items you wish to insure will already be covered by your homeowners insurance. But don’t just assume that’s the case. Read the small print—for instance, there may be a maximum limit on individual items and that gorgeous dress may be too gorgeous for your insurers.

Umbrella Policy
As with your home insurance your big day may be covered if you have an umbrella policy, but again, you need to make sure. It may be that you will have to increase the coverage.

Wedding Liability Insurance (also known as Special Event Insurance)
This is a catchall policy that typically covers you for injury; property damage liability; liquor liability; cancellation because of extreme weather, illness, etc.; vendor cancellation; loss of rings, gifts, special clothing. Depending on the policy you can also buy coverage for set-up and break-down, a rehearsal dinner, a reception, and travel between venues.

And don’t forget the travel insurance. While you can buy wedding insurance at the last minute, most travel insurance policies must be purchased within 15 days of making the booking.