deck covered by home insurance medford mass

Are Decks Covered Under Homeowner’s Insurance?

If your deck collapses is it covered under your homeowners policy? Learn more...

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mailbox damage covered by home insurance medford mass

Is Your Mailbox Covered For SnowPlow Damage Under Homeowner’s Insurance?

If your mailbox is damaged by a snowplow is it covered under your homeowners policy? Learn more...

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dog damage covered by home insurance medford mass

Can You Cover Damage From A Dog Under Homeowner’s Insurance?

Can you cover home damage from a dog under your homeowners policy? Learn more...

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car stolen auto insurance medford mass

Here Is What To Do If Your Car Is Stolen For Auto Insurance Purposes

Knowing what to do if your car is stolen can help with auto insurance. Learn more...

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insurance for college home insurance medford mass

Insurance For College Kids—Do You Need It Or Are You Already Covered?

Do you need extra insurance for your child or for their belongings when they leave home for college? Learn more...

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are trampoline injuries covered by home insurance medford mass

Trampolines—Great For Fun And Exercise But Not So Great for Insurance

A trampoline seems like such a great thing to own if you have kids. But they are not loved by insurance companies. Learn more...

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umbrella insurance medford mass

What Is Umbrella Insurance And Why Do You Need It?

An umbrella policy supplements your standard insurance policy, covers a much higher limit, and protects you from an unforeseen one-off event. Learn more...

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boat insurance medford mass

Why You Need Boat Insurance

A boat is one of the things that will NOT be covered by your home insurance. Learn more about what boat insurance covers and why you need it.

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home wedding insurance medford mass

Home Wedding This Summer? Check Your Homeowners Insurance

When you’re planning your own wedding in your own backyard there is MUCH to think about. And possibly the most important question is “Am I insured for this?”

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personal travel insurance medford mass

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Should you purchase travel insurance? Learn the basics of travel insurance and how it works.

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ice dams home insurance medford mass

Ice Dams, What They Are and How to Insure Against Them

If you do experience damage from an ice dam, are you insured? Most home policies will cover for damage by the ice dam but are your personal belongings covered?

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snowmobile insurance and winter safety

Snowmobiling—Get Smart, Get Safe, Get Covered

Among the more popular New England pastimes is taking to the woods on a snowmobile. Here are some things to think about when it comes to staying safe on the snow.

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Massachusetts commercial auto markings regulations

Recent Changes In The MA Markings Regulations For Vehicles Used In Business

Read about the most recent changes to the Massachusetts markings regulations required for commercial autos. Learn more...

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frozen pipes insurance impact

Frozen Pipes and Impact On Insurance

Most homeowners insurance policies do cover burst pipe damage, however, there are limitations. Learn about your responsibilities.

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boat insurance and cold weather storage

Cold Weather Care For Boats and Insurance

With winter just around the corner it’s time to think about wrapping boats up for the season. Your boat will be better protected if it’s well-covered in more ways than one.

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all home maintenance tips for insurance

Fall…Time to Prepare for Winter And Review Homeowners Policy

Winter is always a challenge, but it can be less daunting if we take the time to prepare. Fall is the time to start preparing.

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reducing homeowners burglary risk

Burglaries and Reducing Your Homeowners Risk

Did you know that the two most likely time to be burglarized are over the summer months and in December? To avoid becoming one of the statistics this season learn more...

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virtual currency insurance

Real Insurance for Virtual Currency

More and more businesses are accepting virtual currency transactions, but are they for you?
Like all things there are some pros and some cons. They include:

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home insurance for yard sales

Garage and Yard Sales: Does Your Insurance Cover Them

Thinking about having a garage or yard sale? What you should know about your home insurance policy. Learn more...

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home based business insurance

Home Based Business Insurance Considerations

What are important insurance considerations when running a business out of your home? Learn more...

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home insurance basics

Home Insurance Basics

Learn more about the basics of homeowner’s insurance.

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workers compensation insurance agency in ma

Why Workers Compensation Insurance Is Important For Your Business

What’s the best way to protect yourself from spending your money on unforseen business related expenses and be covered under the law? Learn more...

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valuable item insurance for expensive jewelry

Why You Need Valuable Item Insurance For That Holiday Gift

As you receive those precious and sometimes valuable gifts from family and friends, you may want to consider taking extra care of them. Learn more...

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massachusetts dmv veterans pricing benefits

MA Creates A New Web Page for Military Veterans

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles offers new pricing benefits. Learn more...

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flood insurance reasons

Why You May Need Flood Insurance

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to determine whether you have the right insurance coverage should your home be damaged or lost in a flood. Learn more...

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hurricane season tips

Are You Ready For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us, so it’s important to know how best to be ready for the high winds, heavy rainfall, flooding and even tornadoes that a hurricane can bring. Learn more...

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pregnancy and massachusetts law

New MA law benefits pregnant and breastfeeding workers

Massachusetts has become the most recent state to approve legislation guaranteeing protections for all pregnant and breastfeeding workers. Find out what they are...

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limited use vehicle rules in massachusetts

What You Need to Know About “Limited Use” Vehicles

Before buying or riding a moped, motorized scooter or motorcycle in Massachusetts, it pays to know the rules. Find out what they are...

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ride sharing impact on insurance

Why Your Business Needs Cyber Insurance Protection

It takes only minutes for a cybercriminal to hack into a company server you thought was secure. Yet a cyberattack will cost your company at least thousands of dollars and is not covered by typical insurance policies. Read More...

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ride sharing impact on insurance

Ridesharing And Impact On Auto Insurance In Massachusetts

Know the limitations of your insurance coverage for ridesharing. Read more...

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personal vacant property insurance

Protecting Your Vacant Property

When your personal or commercial property becomes vacant that is the time to talk to your insurance agent. Find out why...

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winter driving auto premiums

Tips for Winter Driving To Keep Auto Premiums Low

Stay safe with winter driving to keep your auto premiums low. Read how...

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auto insurance and child car safety

Get Educated About Car Seats

Secure your children. follow the law and keep your auto insurance rates in check. Read how...

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moving violation impact on auto insurance premiums

That Ticket Will Raise Your Auto Insurance Rates

Even a minor violation will increase your auto insurance premiums. Read why...

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ride sharing insurance in massachusetts

Does your insurance cover you if you make money while ride sharing?

Does your insurance cover you if you make money while ride sharing? Read more...

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Personal Property Insurance Coverage

Minimizing Homeowners Risk During the Holiday Season

Hazards of the holidays that impact your homeowners insurance. Read how...

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gutter cleaning to save homeowners insurance money

Don’t forget your gutters!

Clean your gutters to prevent costly repairs not covered by homeowners insurance. Read why...

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insurance coverage bundling

The benefits of using the same provider for all insurance coverage

What you might not know is that you could be saving money by purchasing more than one type of insurance coverage from the same provider. Read why...

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Independent Insurers Keep Insurance Coverage Up To Date

Do you know the name of your insurance agent? It’s more likely these days that you don’t. But you should. Read why...

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