That Ticket Will Raise Your Auto Insurance Rates

speeding ticket increases auto insurance rates in MA

There’s no doubt if you get a speeding ticket in Massachusetts that you’ll be paying a fine. But will that ticket also affect your car insurance rates?

The answer is yes.

Any ticket that’s considered a moving violation _ speeding, DUI, reckless driving _ ultimately will appear on your driving record. If you get a moving violation out of state you can expect it to show up on your Massachusetts driving record and increase your MA rates.

Basically any moving violation, except failure to wear a seat belt, is a surchargeable incident.

Major violations and tickets, like the ones listed below, will definitely increase your insurance rates.

  • DUI or other impaired driving
  • Reckless driving (which may include major speeding violations)
  • Refusing breath or blood test for impairment
  • Failure to stop after an accident
  • Fleeing from the police
  • Racing
  • Driving on a suspended license

Even a minor violation will cost you.

“If it is your first minor violation, you may not get a surcharge, but you will lose your good driving credit,” says Joan Bates, a Vice President at Bates Insurance Agency Inc. “However, if you already have one minor violation on your record, even if it’s from another state, the second violation will cause a rate increase.”

How much will they go up?

Massachusetts assigns surcharge points for every moving violation you are charged with.

Insurance companies check your motor vehicle record at every renewal. At that time, you can expect your rates to go up if you have received any motor vehicle violation.

How long will it affect my rates?

“Once you have gone three years with no motor vehicle violations, you will start going down a point every year,” Bates says. “That’s the clean slate rule. If something does happen, another surchargeable incident, the first new incident will stay on your record for six years.”

The bottom line, he says, “It takes six years of incident free driving to qualify again for a good driving credit.”

If you feel you have been unfairly charged with a moving violation it is definitely worth appealing the ticket. You not only save money on the ticket but will save money on your insurance for years to come.