Independent Insurers Keep Insurance Coverage Up To Date

Do you know the name of your insurance agent? It’s more likely these days that you don’t. But you should.

Having a working relationship with a local independent insurer assures you have the coverage you need at the most competitive price. That’s because a locally-based professional insurance agent will review annually all of your insurance coverage _ from homeowner’s and car insurance to life insurance and the potential need for umbrella coverage.

Take, for example, the time when Daniel, a Bates agent, was doing an in-home annual review for a Massachusetts homeowner. The client mentioned they were on the board of a nonprofit agency. This client, like the other directors and officers of the nonprofit, had no idea that without umbrella coverage each of the volunteers was unknowingly self-insured and liable.

“Being a coach, a board member or an instructor is a great way for someone to share their talents with the local community,” Daniel says. “But it’s important that you work with an insurance agent to assess your insurance coverage so that you know you’re not putting your assets at risk at the same time.”

Daniel was able to help this particular client by making the limits higher on his/her home and auto insurance policies, coupled with adding umbrella insurance. Not only did the umbrella policy provide an additional layer of insurance and liability coverage, over and above the client’s automobile and homeowners’ policies, it actually lowered their other insurance premiums.

“Time and again we recognize the value of doing an annual review,” Daniel says. “People are busy and they may not have made the adjustments that are important to their insurance coverage. For example, their teenager just started to drive or they made major modifications to their home. Annual reviews discover the gaps so that people have the coverage they need at any given time in their life.”

Certainly with a professional independent insurer as your ongoing partner, you and your family will be assured of less risk and always having the coverage you need at the marketplace’s current, most competitive price.

“Independent insurers are able to find the best combination of coverage and price,” Daniel says. “We work with dozens of insurance companies so we can shop around to find the most superior carriers and policies that meet someone’s exact needs.”