Snowmobiling—Get Smart, Get Safe, Get Covered

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Winter brings fun as well as challenges. Among the more popular New England pastimes is taking to the woods on a snowmobile. It’s fun but it can also be dangerous and should be taken seriously.

Here are some things to think about when it comes to staying safe on the snow:

  • Never drink and ride—even if you’re going for a short ride, just one drink can impair your judgement and make you a liability to yourself and others.
  • Wear the right gear—though not always a legal requirement, you should always wear a helmet on a snowmobile, as well as goggles, and other protective (and warm) clothing.
  • Stay on the trail—when traveling at speeds through the woods it’s all too easy to crash or get lost.
  • Never take a passenger unless your snowmobile is designed for it—carrying more than the assigned number of riders can decrease the stability of your snowmobile and impede your abilities to drive it.
  • Go with a buddy—if you do run into problems it’s good to be with someone else, and remember, while it’s smart to carry a cellphone, you’re not always going to have service in the backwoods.
  • Let someone know where you’re going—telling someone your intended route and what time you expect to be back significantly improves your chances of getting help should you need it.
  • Make sure your snowmobile is well-maintained and you have plenty of fuel—breaking down in the middle of nowhere is no fun and can be dangerous.
  • Read up on local and state regulations—some parks may have specific regulations, and snowmobile rules vary state to state. Make sure you know the law before you head out.
  • Check your insurance policies—is your snowmobile covered and what are the limits to your insurance? While New Hampshire and Maine don’t require insurance, Massachusetts and Vermont do, and all New England states recommend it. Most snowmobile insurance will cover for collision, comprehensive, bodily injury liability, and property damage liability. But you may have to increase your premium if you want coverage for passengers, off-season damage or theft, or coverage when transporting the snowmobile on the road.

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