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business diagram with lock - commercial insurance agency coverage Medford Massachusetts

Business Car Insurance for Medford, MA Businesses

There are many risks that come with running a business, but with the proper insurance coverage, your fleet will never become a liability. At Bates Insurance Agency Inc., we specialize in business insurance that provides robust coverage at the lowest price. We will work with you to determine your coverage needs, ensuring that you remain fully covered for any issues that might come your way without paying for options that you will not use.

Insurance Coverage for a Wide Range of Industries

Because of the nature of certain industries, many insurance companies are unable to insure fleets for businesses such as towing companies, auto shops, used car dealers, and waste management businesses. Often, retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers run into difficulties with insurance coverage as well. In addition, snowplow companies, trade contractors, mobile equipment businesses, and residential oil delivery businesses find difficulty obtaining insurance coverage for their fleets.

Our specialists are able to work past the hurdles that come with coverage for companies that are harder to insure. Call today for more information.

business diagram with lock - commercial insurance agency coverage Medford Massachusetts

The Bates Insurance Agency Difference

At Bates Insurance Agency Inc., our biggest assets are knowledge and customer service. We understand the industry from the inside out and will work diligently to protect the vehicles in your business. Additionally, we are adept at listening to your needs and writing policies without fluff. This means that your business fleet will be covered for any unforeseen problems, but you will not be left maintaining coverage that isn’t needed.

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