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Car Insurance for Medford, MA Residents

Bates Insurance Agency provides auto insurance for individuals & homeowners in Medford, Malden, Melrose, Somerville and all surrounding areas of Massachusetts.

Besides the 4 types of insurance which are mandatory for all Massachusetts drivers, there are a few other types of coverage that you should consider; having additional coverage could put your mind at ease both as a driver and as a responsible vehicle owner.

Depending on your vehicle type, neighborhood, and driving history, you may consider purchasing additional coverage that exceeds mandatory state minimums for:

  • Bodily injury to others
  • Bodily injury caused by an uninsured/under-insured auto
  • Damage to someone else’s property

Though Massachusetts drivers are required to have some liability insurance for these, expenses related to injuries and property damage can easily exceed these minimum requirements. Higher limits are available and we take the time to explain and deliver a quote on a policy tailored to your needs.

Ideally, you should have sufficient coverage to pay for damage you cause to other vehicles and bodily injury in an accident. Responsible drivers will insure themselves against the unfortunate and unforeseeable by finding coverage that protects against damage to their car, and others’ cars or property. If you’re involved in an accident where another person, their car, or property is damaged or injured and their damages exceed the liability coverage in your car insurance policy, then your umbrella policy could provide an additional layer of liability for medical bills and other damage-related expenses.

If you worry about your car getting damaged in non-collision incidents, then you may want to consider buying a policy with comprehensive coverage. Fire, natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and falling objects are just some of the types of damage that may be covered by your comprehensive auto insurance policy.

In addition to auto, home, and umbrella, we also provide the following coverage:

  • Condos & co-ops insurance
  • Vacant property insurance
  • Coastal property insurance
  • Rental property insurance
  • Recreational vehicle insurance

Accident Forgiveness

Even safe drivers can still get in accidents. If you have a safe driving record and you’re involved in an accident, having accident forgiveness in your policy will prevent the price of your insurance policy from going up after your first accident.

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